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If youโ€™re a LUNAR AQUARIAN you may experience the following traits of being:

  • Free spirited
  • Observant
  • Social
  • Sharp
  • Guard your independence
  • Knowledgableย 
  • Abstract
  • Humanitarian
  • Love music, art, and literature
  • Reject negative emotions without chance
  • Get flashes of genius
  • Hate confinement
  • Rebellious
  • Unique
  • Individualistic
  • Be ahead in trends
  • Have a futuristic approach to technology

Lunar Aquarians may appear emotionally self sufficient, but at times of crisis, their denied emotions can result in problems. Sometimes they can find themselves making wrong decisions in life, especially in adolescence, due to being rebellious. Theyโ€™re the teenagers and the socialites of the zodiac. They can be classified by their need to improve equalization, making them very humanitarian. They just canโ€™t understand why we canโ€™t live in a perfect, peaceful world - or at least itโ€™s a phase they can go through. Either ways, theyโ€™re always ahead of the social trends thanks to a futuristic view and quirky, social behaviour.ย 

LUNAR AQUARIANS are best when paired with people influenced by GEMINI, LIBRA, or AQUARIUS in their chart.ย 

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